AHC Clinics Make Medical Care Accessible to Low Income Families

AHC helps Americans affected by poverty who are more at risk for developing diseases and other medical conditions by building local clinics that provide quality, affordable healthcare. Those who can't afford healthcare usually ignore their illnesses and do not seek medical attention. The need for affordable healthcare and treatments is vast.

Using donated funds, services, and medical equipment, AHC quickly responds to medical needs in densely populated poor communities by building clinics and providing low priced medical services. This approach offers access to local healthcare for patients without means, while improving the overall health of their community.

Medical Notes AHC plays a vital role in impoverished communities by providing inexpensive healthcare services at local medical clinics.

The community health centers built by AHC and our partners give uninsured and underinsured Americans the opportunity to be diagnosed and treated without the high costs and bureaucratic hurdles normally inherent in accessing quality medical care.